Facts & Figures

Company history

After the company was founded in 1958, it soon became clear that Anton Röhr had a good nose for business ideas.

The continuous expansion of the corporate structure under the generation that followed is proof that the original idea has not lost its topicality. On the contrary...

The founder - Anton Röhr

1958 Founding of Anton Röhr Möbeltransporte, Rietberg, in cargo transportation from manufacturer to retailer

1973  Johannes Röhr takes over management in the new legal form (KG)

1980 Acquisition of Schönleber KG in Rottenburg/Stuttgart
Start of combined transport

1982 Founding of Anton Röhr Möbeltransporte, Rietberg, in cargo transportation from manufacturer to retailer

1983 Introduction of the first IT solution

1989 Founding of Röhr Möbeltransport GmbH in Krems, Austria

1994 Construction of a 5,300 m² furniture logistics centre on a 25,000 m² property in Rietberg-Mastholte

1995 Founding of Anton Röhr Transport Miedzynarodowy Poznan Sp. z o.o. in Poznán, Poland. Expansion of the logistics centre by 4,000 m² to a total of 9,300 m²

1996 Expansion of the order processing warehouse to 29,000m², certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001

1997 Acquisition of Vestatrans/Herten, expansion of the furniture logistics centre to a total of 13,000 m²

The new furniture distribution centre in 1998

1998 Construction of a 15,000 m² logistics warehouse on a 50,000 m² property in Rietberg-Mastholte

1999  Switch to EDP-based tour planning

2000 Founding of Anton Röhr Logistyka Sp. z o.o. in Mosina, Poland

Introduction of goods control through scanning

Siegmann's historic truck

2001  Majority interest in Spedition Siegmann GmbH & Co. KG, Bopfingen

2002 Commissioning of Anton Röhr Logistik GmbH in Karlsruhe

2003 Founding of Anton Röhr Service GmbH, Rietberg

2007 Founding of Siegmann Swiss Logistik AG

2008 Founding of Anton Röhr Transport GmbH in central Germany near Leipzig/Halle

Founding of Anton Röhr Dämmstofflogistik GmbH

Expansion of warehouses of Siegmann GmbH & Co KG in Bopfingen to approx. 7,000 m²

2009 Founding of Siegmann Distributions Logistik GmbH in Hochstadt

Johannes and Udo Röhr with company founder, Anton Röhr, in the background

2010 Founding of Anton Röhr Dienstleistungen GmbH in Kerpen

2015 Acquisition of Spedition Spitznagel GmbH in Lauchringen

2017 Majority interest in Konrad Rüschhoff GmbH in Beckum

Die Anton Röhr Logistic Group in numbers

>> The Anton Röhr Logistic Group consists of a total of 14 companies.

>> We currently have 810 employees and 20 subcontractors.

>> We have over 210 tractor units, including 39 trucks up to 7.5 t, 150 trailers, 150 truck trailers, and 720 returnable containers.

>> Our operation area is approx. 325,000 m², with an office space of 3,700 m² and 180,000 m² used for handling, order picking, and storage.

Anton Röhr GmbH & Co. KG
Gewerbestraße 8
33397 Rietberg - Mastholte
+49 (0) 29 44 - 980-157